Australian Bond Exchange

Earn regular income from quality Australian companies

Loan money to Australian companies and earn high rates of interest. With term deposit and annuity returns dropping, the stockmarket seeming more of a gamble, and dividends never assured, the only quality investment left is bonds. Bonds allow you to protect your capital and achieve regular and secure returns. By investing in quality Australian companies and through the Australian Bond Exchange you can now invest with as little as $10,000.


Secure Australian Investment Returns

Australian corporate bonds are a secure alternative that allows you to dramatically increase your return on investment. A typical return of around 5.2% compared to bank deposits or term deposits returning less than 3.2%. Bonds still have regular, consistent payments at rates well above those offered by the banks. Because of this you earn a regular, automated income. Don’t leave money on the table, use the Australian Bond Exchange and put that money in your pocket.

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The below graph shows the performance history of Australian shares, Government Bonds and Australian Corporate Bonds. Which line would you like your investment portfolio to look like?

Australian Corporate Bond History Bond Bonaza

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